Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Preparations For 'That Day..."


Hye korang. Kali ni nak tulis pasal my preparations for our 'that day'.
Lambat lagi rasanya, but I'm planning to get all the things earlier and makes me easier.
Huhu. For the dais, I think I've found the suitable one but haven't meet the person.
The hantarans for us, me and Mr. Aman fikir nak beli sikit sikit dulu.
Since sebab MyPink belum settle lagi, Mr. Aman suruh KIV dulu about hantaran.
Then, my attire for 'that day' belum sampai lagi.
Just a simple one but I love it to be my attire for one of my special day.

Others, we haven't discuss yet.
This Saturday Mr. Aman punya Convocation Day.
Unfortunately, I can't attend it.
It is because I'm working on that day.
Sorry sayang.
Nanti capture pics banyak banyak eh!

I Love You


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